Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom Essential Oil by Agro One is extracted from the fragrant seed pods of Cardamom plants grown in Sri Lanka. Cardamom Essential Oil can ease digestion, promote breathing, clearing of airways and respiratory health. Used to reduce joint and muscle pain and symptoms of colds and flu. Slows down muscle contraction in the intestines and eases bowel looseness. Promotes mental clarity, giving a sense of clear head and offering an overall soothing, calmness. When used topically, a soothing, refreshing sensation is felt on the skin. The oil has a unique, pungent aroma that adds a warm scent to fill the room. Can be added to breads, smoothies, meats and salads as a flavor enhancer and to improve digestion.

SourceCardamom hand picked from certified organic plantations in Sri Lanka.
UsesCardamom is widely used for enriching the flavor and aroma in foods, drinks, confectionary and treating ingredient in medicinal preparations.
Cardamom is also regarded as an important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines.
Packaging30ml glass bottle.


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