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Agro One promotes sustainability standards of sourcing and production along the value chain.

To a better future

Empowering local farmers

An empowered smallholder farmer helps make the world a better place.

Agro One believes in working with smallholder farmers, who are conscious of the environment and the need to safeguard it. They are a vital aspect of the Company’s business. They possess extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge handed down from generation to generation. They are well entrenched with the nature and their expertise on local cultivation conditions is precious.

They face formidable challenges and unforeseen climate changes that impact their cultivations and constantly struggle to sustain their livelihoods. Agro One relies on them for a sustainable supply of most of its ingredients.

Agro One, with the aid of Government agencies conducts regular knowledge sharing sessions as a part of continuous development programmes. Enlightening them with evolving innovations and techniques from the local and international agriculture industry and latest scientific findings are continually included in these programmes.

We have pledged to give back 1% of our revenue back to the welfare of our farmer community.

Agro One

A Commitment to

Agro One is working to improve social and economic conditions in rural smallholder farming community from whom the Company sources the best produce. Sustainable agriculture that nurtures smallholder farmers is a key driver for a remarkable increase of productivity and higher yields. Generating higher yields ensure increased household food security, ensures income and savings when less fertilizer and harmful pesticides are being used. Their nutritious diet, decreased exposure to hazardous pesticides and increased job opportunities with organic cultivation are multiple value additions they can be assured of.

Agro One includes smallholder family farmers in its inclusive business model. Sharing and disseminating knowledge on agro-ecological practices are sustainable business practices the Company maintains in achieving its corporate goals.

A Commitment to
the environment

Traditional practices followed by smallholders, including reduced fuel dependency and energy needs, as compared with the conventional farming methods help mitigate climate change due to less emissions and increased soil carbon sequestration.

Agriculture is challenged by many hazards and unpredictable conditions such as climate change, which causes extreme weather conditions, rainfall uncertainty, change of weather patterns, extreme climates, land degradation, shrinking land holdings and lake water pollution. We endeavor to be committed to collaborative actions to help protect the environment, minimizing degradation of natural resources and agricultural lands and thereby protecting the environment and planet Earth at large.

A commitment to good food

As a food company, the extensive portfolio of Agro One ranges from coconut products to spices, fruits and herbal products. “Food good for people world over, across all life stages is good for the planet” is a virtue Agro One upholds. Agro One is committed to source organically grown agro products of high standards, processed using state-of-the-art technology. With accreditation by Canada Organic, USDA, European Union Organic Certification, Control Union, FDA, FSSC 22000 and Star K Kosher in place, the entire process from sourcing to delivery of finished products is diligently monitored by extensively experienced professionals in their respective fields. Decades of collective experience and R&D expertise strengthen our commitment to providing nutritious good food across the world.

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An empowered smallholder farmer helps make the world a better place.

We are committed to the highest environmental standards both within our company and with the partners we choose. Our organic smallholder farmer network spanning across the country.

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