Jackfruit with Light Seasoning

Organically grown Jackfruit, rich in carbs and natural fats have gained immense popularity across the world as a superfood substitute to meat ideal for vegans. Ripe fruit which has a distinctively unique flavour is consumed raw while the versatile, mature jackfruit is consumed in a number of different ways. Young jackfruit is also consumed in various ways. Organic Jackfruit product range by Agro One includes Dehydrated Young Jackfruit, Young Jackfruit In BBQ Sauce, Young Jackfruit In Brine, Young Jackfruit Red Curry, Young Jackfruit Goulash and Young Jackfruit Vacuum Packed which come in 250g resealable tetra sachets.

SourceJackfruits hand picked from certified organic plantations in Sri Lanka.
UsesIdeal to make favourite vegan cuisines with Burgers Wraps Tacos Pizzas Salads etc.
Jackfruits are ultimate combination of texture, flavour, fibre and nutrition. These remarkable fruits serve as an excellent meat substitute, providing a satisfying alternative packed with essential nutrients.
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